Let’s talk nano needles. Nano needles are the foundation of Topical Skincare, and we 110% believe in nano over micro. You may not know it yet, but nano is the new kid on the block.

Nano needles are on another level of technology in the PMU (permanent makeup) and semi-PMU world and we believe every esthetician and cosmetologist needs to get on board!

Let’s start very basic: Would you prefer a thick or thin needle puncturing your skin? What do you think will hurt more and heal faster? The answer is obvious. Now, imagine several thick needles puncturing your skin simultaneously…


Ladies and gents, you have microneedles. With each needle being 0.30 mm-0.50 mm thick, these needles can cause some major discomfort and a longer recovery time. Too much mirconeedling can also compromise the integrity of the skin over time. It makes sense. Constant tearing down and healing of the skin (check out our previous blog post here) and skin can lose elasticity.

The world of nano needles is a lot less dramatic. Think THIN, hair-like needles that bend and cause minimal bleeding, if any at all. With 42 needles in a single cartridge (exclusive to Topical Skincare), these needles make your facials a completely different experience. Because there is more of them and these nano needles are extremely thin, the procedure yields better results, by far. They are also extremely delicate to the epidermis, and offer a more precise and efficient outcome.

Microneedles on the other hand are thicker and cause more damage while puncturing the skin. They. Are. Thicker. Needles. Let that sink in.

When used to replace micro needling with nano needling (i.e. for our BB Glow treatment), clients are impressed with the little pain they feel after and during facial treatments. These needles allow you to work in ultra sensitive areas on the face (under the eye and around the lip) with minimal discomfort. Pretty incredible, right? The recovery time is also faster than with micro needles and the skin is not irritated (or red) as long. That means your clients can wait no more than two weeks between nano needling facial treatments. It’s a game-changer on the business side of things! Finally, to really give you an idea of how different micro needling and nano needling is, check out the difference in thickness: a nano needle is 0.18mm-0.28mm while a micro needle is 0.30mm – 0.50mm!

Because nano needles are taking the industry by storm, please be aware of needles that look like a small, round plate or the “round nano pin.” This product does not puncture the skin properly. You will find yourself wasting pigment and your clients will not have a good result. At NanoGlow Academy we only teach with our 42-needle cartridge that inserts up to 2mm into the skin. With this type of needle, you can work with the BB Glow serums and get the long lasting results with no damage!

round nano pin

In the world of PMU (Permanent Make Up) Nano needles are King. They are what the PMU world has been waiting for. With a 0.20-0.25 inch diameter and a long taper (the cutting edge of the actual needle), the nano needle allows you to apply pigment with utmost precision. The fact that they are also flexible (comparable to an acupuncture needle), you now have the perfect tool to achieve the most natural result. Take PMU Eyebrows for example. Using our Nano Device, eyebrows can look 100% natural with thin hair-like strokes, only achievable with nano needles. These thin, wispy strokes are what nano technology is all about. Having patience and understanding the client’s skin type is extremely important. A client who has oily skin will receive pigment much differently than a client with dry skin. It is important to know the difference and know how to set your device accordingly to achieve optimum results.


Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions regarding nano-needles. We love having this conversation!

Until next time!