Celebrating this New Year with NanoGlow Academy and take action right now! If you made a resolution to make more money this year, then listen up because we know how you can do that! It starts with you and dedicating yourself to your career. If you need to expand your services and/ or need business advise, then we are the network for you.

At NanoGlow Academy, we are here to help guide you through the development of your service offerings. We are the support system that you need to help flourish your business and your net worth. No matter where you are in the world, we have a course and path for you. From our extensive online trainings and tutorials to our one-on one, hands-on Masterclass trainings with our Master Trainers, we guide you through the process and guarantee that you’ll walk away with not only the certificate of training, but the confidence needed to proceed with your newly retained service.

You cannot go wrong with a continuing education and no matter which course you choose to take with us at NanoGlow Academy, it will come with step-by-step instructions, Release and After Care Forms, as well as much needed guidance opportunities.


We pack each online training with videos, tools, workbooks and more. Each module is customized per topic and thoroughly explains the subject at hand. We take your learning very seriously and stand behind each of our students offering support when needed. After a timely course completion your certificate of training will be mailed to you and the support from our team doesn’t stop there as we are always here to advise on your next steps.


Our Tutorials are designed to help to refresh your knowledge on a service that you currently provide and/or educate you on new techniques to offer to your clients.

Most of our Tutorials are brief and to the point, providing you with the in-depth knowledge of how to master the art of your service. In addition, when you join our Tutorials, you will also be accepted into our community. We will help guide you through your business and answer any questions that you may have along the way.


Our hands-on Masterclass Training is a full day of dedicated learning about the service of your choosing. You will learn on-site, with our Master Trainer and be able to practice the methods and techniques on a live model with the aide and guidance from your Master Trainer.

It is an intensive day of learning. You will be provided with a tool kit, including a service book, forms, products and at the end of the day you will be awarded a NanoGlow Academy certificate of training.

Since January is passing by quickly, now is the time to schedule the training of your choosing and jump into this new year with flare! Celebrating you and your professional career goals with NanoGlow Academy.