Micro-needling is a great skincare treatment. Whether using a derma roller or derma pen, the results from those tiny needles are wonderful. Micro-needling rejuvenates the skin by increasing collagen and reducing fine lines, scars, and wrinkles. As a skincare professional, you want your clients to get the best results possible. This means you need to give them the information they need BEFORE their treatment, so they come out looking vibrant. NanoGlow Academy is here to help. Here are our top 10 dos and don’ts before a micro-needling treatment:


1 – Avoid Accutane Before Micro-needling

If your client is on Accutane, you cannot perform a micro-needling treatment. Accutane (Isotretinoin), used to treat acne, is typically a 6-month course of medication. The client must also wait until 6 months after a course of Accutane before micro-needling is advised. Accutane can impact the healing of wounds, which is why micro-needling is problematic. But if they have acne scarring, their dermatologist may have already recommended micro-needling, so book that future appointment.


2 – No Anti-inflammatory Medications

At least 3 days before a micro-needling treatment, the client should stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications. Common over-the-counter pain killers like ibuprofen, Advil, and Motrin fall into this category. Micro-needling is supposed to stimulate inflammation. This is what promotes the rejuvenation. So while these medications are useful, they’re counterproductive to treatment results. Of course, if your client is on a prescription anti-inflammatory, they need to consult with their doctor.


3 – Avoid Products that Increase Sensitivity

At least 1 week before a procedure, the client should avoid any skincare products that increase the skin’s sensitivity. Products with physical exfoliants, acidic components like salicylic acid, and retinoids can dry out and irritate the skin. Advise your client to check the ingredients on all their skincare products. 5-7 days before treatment, they should only use safe and mild products.


4 – Stay out of the Sun

At least 2 weeks before micro-needling treatment, avoid exposure to sunlight. This also includes IPL/Laser procedures. Micro-needling, as you know, is only recommended for healthy skin. Staying out of the sun (and away from the lasers) will ensure there is no unnecessary damage to the skin before treatment. It’s recommended to apply sunscreen to the face daily, but obviously not on the day of the micro-needling procedure.


5 – Leave the Hair Alone

Make sure your client knows not to wax, use depilatory creams, or electrolysis for at least 5-7 days before treatment. Again, you want their skin in tip-top shape, and these things can cause irritation. Make sure they don’t shave the day of treatment, either. However, if there is dense hair in the treatment area (common for men), shaving the day before treatment is ok.


6 – Don’t Exfoliate

Exfoliating the skin is fine a few days before micro-needling. But make sure your clients don’t exfoliate at least 2-3 days before you use a derma roller on their face. Some clients think exfoliating is helpful, but they may not realize their skin is about to go through enough with the derma roller. Exfoliating right before a treatment won’t improve results.


7 – No Alcohol

No, you don’t need to urge your clients into a sober lifestyle. However, make sure they know not to drink alcohol at least 24 hours before a micro-needling procedure. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it will dehydrate the body—a big no-no before a skincare treatment. It can also cause flushness and impact healing. Assure your clients you have numbing creams to combat discomfort if they’re nervous about pain.


8 – Stop Taking Blood Thinners

Some people take a daily blood thinner, such as Aspirin. And while this is a good habit, blood thinners can cause and increase bruising after a treatment. If your client is taking a daily blood thinner of their own choosing, ask them to stop at least 1 week before the treatment. However, if they are on a prescription blood thinner, they need to consult with their physician. Micro-needling may not be right for them.


9 – Take a Cold Sore Pre-treatment

Ask your clients if they are prone to cold sores. Remember, the derma roller is supposed to cause an inflammatory response to promote rejuvenation. But this stress can also cause a cold sore to appear in people carrying the virus. The client should take an antiviral agent beginning 2 days before the treatment and the day of.


10 – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Hydration is one of the most important factors in any skincare routine or treatment. Make sure your client is drinking at least 8oz of water daily. This goes for both before and after treatment. Topical moisturizers are great too, but the day of a treatment, the client shouldn’t be putting anything on the skin.


We hope this information has been helpful. If your’e looking to perfect your treatments or get certified, NanoGlow Academy offers the Hyaluron Pen Basic Online Training (now available in Spanish), the Hyaluron Pen Advanced Online Training, and the Hyaluron Pen Masterclass in Orlando, FL and Los Angeles, CA.