You are your business. With so much competition in the cosmetic and aesthetics industry, marketing your services and products can feel overwhelming, especially around Valentine’s Day. NanoGlow Academy is here to help.

Consumers spend an average of $20 billion around Valentine’s Day. As a beauty professional, how can you capitalize off this holiday market and grow your business? Here are 5 marketing ideas that will make your clients’ heart flutter: 


Without your clients, your business can’t succeed. Show your loyal clientele the love and appreciation they deserve. Develop a customer appreciation promotion with a Valentine’s Day theme. Make it a limited-time, special incentive: 20% off for the month of February, a free gift with the purchase of another service or product, or a special Valentine’s Day treatment package.

Print the promotion on Valentine’s themed cardstock, or better yet, incorporate it into a Valentine’s Day card for your clients. Valentine’s Day can be a stressful time for people. They want to look and feel good for the holiday, whether they have a partner or not. Giving them a special gift will make them feel loved and boost their confidence.


What better way to market your business for Valentine’s Day then a couple’s promotion. Buy-one-get-one-free promotions are perfect for the month of February. But tailor the promotion so that your clients can use the free gift on someone else. Maybe they’ll bring their partner or maybe they’ll bring a friend. Either way, this is a great way to gain new business and it provides your clients with a great gift opportunity.

Use the buy-on-get-one promotion toward your services, not your products. You want to create an experience two people can enjoy together. Again, you can put together a Valentine’s Day treatment package, but market it appropriately. Avoid His/Hers language, as that will limit your promotion. Not all couples are His/Hers, after all. And not all clients taking advantage of the package will be romantic partners. In other words, don’t gender your promotion.


For many people, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Valentine’s Day is a gift-giving holiday. If you don’t already provide gift cards/certificates, make sure you have them leading up to the holiday. If you do provide gift cards/certificates, market a Valentine’s Day promotion: a $50 gift card for the price of $40 during the month of February, for example.

Don’t be afraid to cross-promote. Talk to local businesses in your area that specialize in health, wellness, and beauty. Gyms, spas, massage therapists, yoga studios are great examples. Provide these businesses with free gift cards at a value of your choosing, and work with them to create a Valentine’s Day promotion. Maybe the local gym or yoga studio can offer one of your $20 gift cards to each new member who joins during the month of February?


Contests are a great way to promote your business and grow your following on social media. Create a Valentine’s Day contest and reward the winner(s) with a prize or promotion of your choosing. Use your creativity; after all, contests come in all shapes and sizes. Photo contests are perfect: cutest couple, best Valentine’s Day outfit, funniest pet dress-up, or most romantic atmosphere, are some great examples.

If your business in a one-person operation, don’t overwhelm yourself. Allow your followers to vote for the winner, so you don’t have to take the time to comb through hundreds of submissions. The easiest way to accomplish this is awarding the prize to the post with the most likes. Be sure to create a hashtag! A contest hashtag specific to your business/brand will drive up your traffic.


Maybe a gift card/certificate is too impersonal for some of your clients. Create a Valentine’s Day gift guide showcasing your specific services and products. Your clients may not know everything you offer, as they only come to you for their specific needs. Valentine’s Day is a great time to educate your clients on all your products and services without coming across as pushy.

Give the guide to your clients during their appointments in the months of January and February. “Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Gift?” is a great headline to use. The majority of clients in the aesthetics industry are female. The gift guide is another opportunity to cross-promote with other businesses, but this time, focus on businesses frequented by men, as you are less likely to have more male clients than female.

As always, NanoGlow Academy is committed to your education in the aesthetics industry. We offer industry-leading products and provide innovative training in cosmetic treatments and permanent makeup. Visit NanoGlow today to see how we can help you expand your skillset and grow your business.