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Powder Brows | 2-Day Masterclass



Masterclass with PMU Machine $2999
Masterclass not including PMU Machine $2500
Save My Spot Deposit $500

Earn up to 2,999 Points.

November 13-14th

January 16-17th

February 20-24th

Delray Beach, FL

For more information click here
For more information click here

Students will learn hands-on techniques and the art of the application of permanent cosmetic makeup for eyeliner. We’ll provide step-by-step training on how to apply perfect permanent makeup, using European techniques and nano-technology.

This 2-Day Masterclass will include:

  • Nano PMU Fundamentals
  • Licensing + Safety
  • Technique – Powder Brows and Ombré Brows
  • Mapping
  • Contour
  • Color Theory and Pigment Theory
  • Machine and Needle Theory
  • Paper, Latex and 3D Latex/Silicone Practice
  • Live Demonstration
  • Hands on Model Work
  • Photography and Marketing
  • Certificate for Powder Brows
  • Starter Kit

The Nano Powder Brow Masterclass is a 2-Day Training that will equip you with all the Nano PMU Fundamentals and Live Model Experience!

Kit Includes:

  • Tools and Accessories
  • Latex Practice Mats
  • Numbing Cream
  • Mapping Tools
  • Class Book & Forms
  • 2 Pigments

About the Machine: Season Der Q7 Digital PMU

Made in Germany, the Season Der Q7 Digital PMU is a stainless steel machine excellent for Eyeliner, Eyebrow, and Lips. Easy to operate machine has rotation type speed control, automatic on and off, and ergonomic design for strong power with low sound. Speed ranges from 22000rpm-35000rpm with adaptability for needles 1RL / 3RL / 5RL / 7FL / MTS 12pin / 40RL / Nano / V9 / V12.

In accordance with Florida Regulations, all students must have a valid Tattoo License. If you are a guest to Florida, please visit here to obtain your Guest Tattoo Artist License before attending the Masterclass.

Not Applicable.

About the Trainer: Jennifer Brown

Jennifer is very passionate for art and has for a long time! It’s that exact passion that led her through her college years. Jennifer graduated with honors from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Sculpture. After nurturing her love of sculpture, exhibiting her talent in art shows across South Florida, and entertaining new fields within the art realm, Jennifer landed a position as an artist in the tattoo industry- and has never looked back.

Although she continues to draw and tattoo creatively, Jennifer’s focus has gone from working in a tattoo shop to a medical office; where she has administering permanent makeup tattoos and performs microblading, and non-laser tattoo removal for 13 years. Jennifer has counseled clients on everything from life-changing tattooing decisions regarding scarring, blemishes, and disease to clients who don’t want to put eyeliner on every day. She feels fortunate that her freelance business allows her to work both within conventional tattoo shops and alongside plastic surgeons; running the gamut when it comes to clientele and what that clientele is looking for.

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Masterclass Options

Masterclass with PMU Machine $2999, Masterclass not including PMU Machine $2500, Save My Spot Deposit $500

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