The misconception that only light skin represents the epitome of beauty has been disregarded and discontinued by many and sounds just right to do so. A single skin color, race or ethnicity does not set grounds for beauty BUT having blemished, pigmented, dull and scaly skin does call for action.

Behold! Ladies, it doesn’t really matter what skin tone your precious self has inherited through those genes. What really matters is, a healthy luminescent skin, with an even skin tone through-out. In the year 2019 and onwards, we saw some obvious skin-care trends which were not too common in the past decade. Thanks to the scientific innovations that we have most advanced skin-care solutions like acid-peels, lightening systems, hair removal systems.

The modern woman is all about feeling confident and comfortable in her own skin. She wants to look her best while looking like her flawless self. NanoGlow products like the Pink Intimate System are formulated to provide a chance for all these upbeat ladies. It would allow them to feel that ravishing confidence while we have the best of skin-pampering ingredients at work.

NanoGlow Academy skin lightening formulations from Europe, feature special Glow Intimate solutions for dark patches, spots and imperfections in the private areas. With professional expertise at work through NanoGlow skin courses, it is probable that you will re-experience baby skin and feel renewed.

The Pink Intimate System rejuvenates the skin in areas like Mons Pubis, Labia Majora, Perianal Region, Inguinal Area, Underarms and Nipples. These admirable cosmetic effects are brought about by the work of some potent compounds at work namely:

  • Stabilized MCA
  • Enhanced Kojic Acid
  • Bisabolol
  • Glycyrrhetinic Acid

The secret behind the efficacy of Pink Intimate System owes to the incredible ingredients present in its formulation. Kojic Acid is one such wonder drug with much proclaimed presence in today’s aesthetics. It is composed of a compound derived from fungi kingdom and is widely included in cosmetic products to treat sun damage, scars, and age spots. Kojic Acid works to lighten skin by impacting melanin production in skin cells. The melanin pigment is responsible for giving us our skin color and when it goes off-balance, pigmentation and dark spot surface on the skin. Kojic Acid block the melanin production in the skin cells, which results in lighter skin in the treated area. Results with Kojic Acid:

  • It produces anti-aging effects by reducing overall spots on skin.
  • It is effectively used as a post-pregnancy treatment for skin with melasma (skin darkening due to pregnancy).
  • It happens to mask the appearance of scars and lessen scar discoloration and in turn makes it less prominent.
  • Acts as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial to ward of certain common microbes which invade skin, hence keeping it healthy.

Another incredible ingredient present in the formulation of Pink Intimate System is Bisabolol. It is present in chamomile extracts and cannabis in the wild. Skin-soothing properties of Bisabolol make it an important addition to todays cosmetics and skin-care products. It also helps other compounds to penetrate skin effectively. The ability to reduce skin irritation is of sheer interest to scientists and cosmetologists alike. It has outstanding results against irritants but not as potent for inflammation caused by histamines involved in allergic reactions. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of Bisabolol are a cherry-on-top for skin health.

Next up in the limelight is a compound called Glycyrrhetinic Acid. This botanical is extracted from licorice plants. It is a common ingredient used in makeup, hair care, sun-tan products to name a few. It is added to augment dull and dry skin by creating a rejuvenating impact.

The Glow Intimate treatments are to be performed by professionals who have the knowledge to do so. If handled professionally and according to the instructions, the treatment can bring about surprising benefits and improve skin appearance over the course of time.