Ah, microblading – the bandwagon everyone has jumped on, or is getting ready to jump on… who doesn’t want thick, full and perfect eyebrows 24/7 anyway? And with brows being a popular trend these days, the microblading industry has exploded.

But how does microblading work, exactly? Do you ever question whether there are risks involved or perhaps other, safer methods that give the same or better results? We have done the work for you and let’s just say that microblading is a trend that is about to lose its five minutes of fame.

Microblading is a procedure where a handheld (that’s right – human controlled) device is used to cut the skin, leaving small tears that are then filled with pigment. Sounds relatively harmless, right? Wrong. What every client should be asking is this: what if the technician has a strong hand? Can they control how deep they actually cut your skin? What if they cut too deep? What if you scar easily? And maybe you don’t scar easily, but what does this cutting of the skin do over time to your brows? Because, when you microblade your brows, you will need touch ups, this is a must. And touch ups mean basically, constant tearing and healing of the skin. Do you see where we’re going with this?

Breaking the skin down in the same spot over and over again can and eventually will cause scarring, resulting in limited to no hair growth in the particular area. The solution? Beauty-crazed babes of the world: we give you, Topical Skincare.

Topical Skincare brings your clients the most current skin and PMU (permanent make-up) solutions the beauty industry has to offer. From brows to facial treatments (and yes, lashes), Topical Skincare’s techniques not only last longer than microblading but will not compromise the integrity of your client’s skin.

Made up of tiny, flexible nano needles that are the thickness of a strand of hair, we swear by the results.

“I love working with our Topical Skincare’s Device because even for the heavier handed techs it is almost impossible to cause any damage to the skin or to implant the mineral pigment too deep, which is where many techs who don’t naturally have the magic touch can go very wrong.” – Etty Elbaz

So, how does it work? The very tip of the needle is dipped into the pigment and the vibration of the device pulls the pigment down into the cartridge. It is then dispensed gradually from the needle into the skin, allowing for a controlled movement. The device also controls the depth. Because nano needles are incredibly thin and flexible, there is no trauma to the skin and the replication of hair is almost identical to your natural brows and lasts up to two years!

Topical Skincare brings to you specialized techniques from Poland (the PMU capital of the world), which has been in the beauty industry for over a decade. When she realized that the United States knew nothing about nano needles, she recognized the opportunity and left her native land to take the beauty industry by storm.